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There is a cynical manjado of Italo Calvino: “a classic is the one book that everyone wants to read, but no one wants to read.” Today that adage seems to belong. In the whole world, publishers have to bet on groups the world of work with the amount of new, charismatic, and prices call (the classic do not pay the rights of the author).

+Tolstoy tells of the conflict between Christians and Muslims in the Caucasus

+’Account’, Tolstoy, knows the faith of the author

Consumers themselves will be recycling, bored with the market demand “the next whooping cough literary”. Who wins is the player with the liberalization of the titles there is much exhausted, or even unpublished, and best translation from the original language. This is the case of childhood, adolescence, youth, Liev Tolstoi, by the editor, however.

Tolstoy was born in 1828 was the codebase to view the page. Aristocrat on the part of the father and the mother, with the title of being a member of the ruling class in this country, which was the form of slavery called servitude. Men, women and children were restricted by law to the land on which grown. When it was abolished in 1861, some of the noble families that held more than 200 thousand employees of the service. By this standard, Tolstoi did not plutocratas, but the author can’t cry your belly full: he inherited the farm Iasnaia Poly guys with 4 thousand acres and 330 serfs, 5 housekeepers and 15 created, in addition to a stud farm with 400 horses. Tolstoi, if pavoneava of proportion – one of the many solidarity. Special Turgueniev that you drool puddle full by the author of Anna Karenina, chimed in: “I can’t understand this snobbery of it because of the drug of a title of nobility.”

Stuck in a questionnaire Antique of Czarismo (the Tsar as well as Kaiser comes from Caesar), the Russian intelligentsia’s struggle between eslavófilos and ocidentalistas (reading book Russian thinkers Isaiah Berlin). The first postulavam policy of the Russian spirit, shopping, and rural areas of the king against the rational, secular, modernizante and Democratic seconds. No one of the Great Russian writers exclusively of meat or fish, by everyone in different doses of these two antinomies. But all (which can be fatal, and with authors, the smallest was really) tend to view literature as more than just a… literary. And dildo publicity, whatever it is, is the shortest route to destroy action to reduce the characters to puppets of doctrines rather than being presented as published and varied. The result is almost always the manes. Tolstoy escaped imminent.

It was the same whirl of contradictions. To begin with, grief-fiery sexual desire. How to deliver the gold in this article from the network: “wandering through all the rooms of the house, especially through the corridor of the room of creation”. As Marx and Tolstoy was the son of the maid who didn’t think. For women only, grunhia that the woman was the gods of the “service Ho.” He and Sophia Bers form the one of the worst (and most documented) weddings of the history. She has 13 children in 22 years, it was a miscarriage. One of the last works of Tolstoy, Sonata to Kreutzer, the husband who kills his wife. After deleting the Sophia of your copyright, the author ran away from home at the age of 82, dying on the railway station of Astapovo in 1910.

There is a lot that Tolstoy Global Institute, Iasnaia Poly-his angel pacifists, deserters, sick, vegan, joinery. In the greater part of his life he was not writing a novel, but to do other things that he considered more important. In 1879, it occurred to the call to conversion to Christianity to the primitive, agrarian socialism in the mystical protection alliance, with the latter glorification of the peasant. Almost in a cave, what is art?, anatematizou in the collective, and condemned many of the acclaimed book, start with yourself. Dressed as a farmer, leave the beard, the priest just above the navel, insisted that the label “Lyon”, freed his slaves and tried to alfabetizá them constitute seen to deep suspicion.

He was expelled by the Orthodox Church, and even today not restored. Although the Tsarist Russia cut many of the articles Tolstoy, they didn’t bother. The Soviets may register with the work, despite his rejection of Marxism and revolution as a means for social change. In the texts of the Great George Orwell explains the fierce criticism of Tolstoy is already the greatest King Lear of Shakespeare, the fact of the Russian writer to be recognized, without taking it off or putting, snobbish and selfish monarch piece.

The trilogy childhood, adolescence, youth is the only thing that today combines the modernity of the old lady in the paper, some refer to it as “auto fiction”. Tolstoy began at the age of 23, in the Caucasus through military experience. The first volume was a success – Dostoevsky, in exile in Siberia, he groaned and got to know the author (not agree). The other two parts were written in St. Petersburg. The trilogy tells in the first person, the three periods of the life of Nikola Petrovic (Nikolenka), alter ego of the author who also lost her mother and father in advance. The influence of Rousseau is clear, either in the idealization of childhood (children are the best wild insects edênicos) sincerity is clear, but this hides at least as much as what it reveals.

At the end of life, Tolstoy read the trilogy before writing the memories, the rejection of the last two, “winds of democracy”. Fortunately, it was too late – he already legara treasure for generations to come. And after all the art of it appeared on precisely those contradictions agônicas, heartbreaking. It was the witnesses and fun.

But the evil of their sins, was also an artist to the core. He knows everything of everything: from the war of race-horses, from the Dukes and whores of cathedrals and brothels of Moscow and Siberia. To paraphrase Terence, nothing human strange, and nothing more than a strange human (in this chapter only Shakespeare is similar). Your description of people or places – the incomparable life of its overwhelming sweetness and without emotion, appetite-verbal that meet but didn’t empanturram.

When Tolstoy decided to write Anna Karenina, it was already a dinosaur, retro, and his goal was to stigmatize the adulteress. However, the artist spoke louder than virtuous. Rewrote the book at least seven times, and was the protagonist transfigurando on sirigaita bocó creature polyhedral and tragic – Symphony prevail over the government. Thus, it may boyhood, adolescence and youth witness Tolstoy can be a prophet shoddy, but was a genius imagination. There are works more intelligent than their authors.

*Is the author of the ‘love’ place’ (Intermeios)

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