The importance of integration between the primary, and I expected

By Christina Giammarino Mendonça dos Santos, Mônica Regina Duarte hairstyle Thassia Regina da Silva Mesquita Oliveira *

Integration and exchange of knowledge between specialists in the field of education are very important. A good example occurred in Colégio Salesiano Santa Teresinha, when the teachers of 5 ° C. In general, the exchange of experiences with the teacher of Biology in high school, with the goal of the student lab layered on the cells.

In the classroom teachers of the elementary school gave more emphasis on the study of animal cells, while the laboratory classes provide the students to understand since as the microscope works up to the differences that exist between the cells of many other organisms.

The use of classes in the demo important methodological means in the process of teaching and learning in primarily in the disciplines of Science and nature, allowing the development of research, allowing the relationship between the classroom study and practice, awakening the curiosity and interest of students.

The students realized that the cells are not all the same and was able to compare the multicellular organisms with single-cell, and observe the plant cells of the epidermis of the cells of the onion and protozoa.

Understanding of cells has been expanded to students are able to connect knowledge to provoke curiosity and provide a much more interest about this topic. All the Times that the exchange between the students of the school happen is to enrich the content of learning, which makes the process more enjoyable, thus contributing to the work of the institute is to be effective!

Christine Giammarino Mendonça dos Santos is graduated in translation and post-graduated in art education from the education of elementary I and learning disorders. Teaching for 30 years in the public and private sectors in education.

Monica Regina Duarte hairstyle is graduated in Biological Sciences from São Judas Tadeu University and holds a graduate certificate in Environmental Science in special education and inclusive education. As a biology teacher in a secondary school in Colégio Salesiano Santa Teresinha, São Paulo scientific consultant junior specialist at Editora Saraiva on the platform of the virtual elementary I am a specialist Upper Primary School II.

Thassia Regina da Silva Mesquita is graduated in pedagogy from the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) Postgraduate Diploma in literacy education and literacy. Working in the field of education for 10 years.

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