Google Plus will be shut down after the information the user know the New York Times

Google file on me was huge. Here’s why it wasn’t as scary as Facebook’s data.

May 16, 2018Image

Zuckerberg faces a hostile Congress supports the development of Mount

April 11, 2018Image

Mark Zuckerberg certificate: Day 2 brings more stringent response

April 11, 2018Image

More in technology


Facebook is a tool of the new video-chat screen with camera follow

[caption id="attachment_30499" align="aligncenter" width="600"]imagem09-10-2018-01-10-12 imagem09-10-2018-01-10-12[/commentary]Jens Mortensen the New York Times

Silicon Valley investors shunned the July, but once again the other nicotine start-ups

[caption id="attachment_30500" align="aligncenter" width="600"]imagem09-10-2018-01-10-13 imagem09-10-2018-01-10-13

Paulo Nunes dos Santos the New York Times

Client technology now I want to know: what are we building this?

illustration by Jon Han

Apple used to know exactly what people want — then they made a watch

Photo Illustration by the New York Times

2001: when the internet was, um, that?

imagem09-10-2018-01-10-15 imagem09-10-2018-01-10-15[/commentary]Patrick Sison/Associated Press

Watch “Apple Watch” Painted Heart water? There are more downs than Ups



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