What is madness?

Author: Rita Pisano

In the curriculum, the diverse film community.The art of teaching from the Santa Maria saw some of the films selected for me by the classroom teacher in the sequence we talked about the aesthetic aspects of the philosophical account of that the film can suggest. After this first exchange, every student raised to create a work of art from this inspiration and other references theoretical and/or aesthetic that can arise in a conversation group.

One of the movies worked is the “beast with seven heads” of the Brazilian movie of 2001 directed by Lais Bodansky. The film tells the story of a boy who is in hospital in a lunatic asylum by the family for being a marijuana user, the triggering scheme manicomial harmful existing until then in the Brazilian society.

Following the film, after the first exchange of sensations and the conversation with the energy I present a short documentary film about a mental institution in Barbacena/mg, some of the information revealed about the reality of manicomial Brazil until 2011. Of Information impact, deflagramos system, human brutality carried out in those centres and the hospitals always draw the attention of the students due to that for many years the proportion of prisoners without a psychiatric diagnosis were very large, about 70%. Many of the detainees were people who somehow do not fit in the social reality, as girls who become pregnant before marriage, hardcore politicians or homosexuals. It is also susceptible to offline data centres for the rehabilitation and care of the mentally ill happens differently in Brazil, although there is still movement towards the back of the large farms.

In each category, the discussion of appealing to a different path. Sometimes we talk about the disorders that afflict teenager, again for illegal drugs (inclusive of the theme of the film), is now about integration in society. Think then on the amount of people who were in the hospital in Brazil without a diagnosis, students are invited to think about what is madness? What restless? What distinguishes her or go to her? That the natural lifestyle?

Of this provocation, we must each create a mobile to respond to the symbolism of the art on these questions about yourself. The establishment should be based on these concerns and personal so that each student is able to transform the look of the interior to the code to be shared. I pray that in this which makes use of the written word is a component of the composition à la the bishop of rosacea, in reference to the team for the preparation of a study on art and madness.

The idea in yourself and find a concrete means of the symbolic to represent it can be an important practice, and establish an internal dialogue a deeper look and a possible path and direction for yourself in a moment of a life filled with sets of moves and intensity. Aesthetic experience comes here the possibility that the school might propose to structure the self of the practice of the people of the eye, expanded into a reality. In this world where reality is war so controversial, I believe that the area of this control back to ourselves, isn’t it?


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