Twice me!

You realize that you’re not completely lost in life when I pushed the news about the separation of the Jonas Brothers, if you realize that you never stopped to listen to one song until four albums the American band with eight years of experience.

Responsibility has to do with the music that is understood and well-absorbed by anyone who hears it. As a result, he became convinced that “the darkness is a force of nature like gravity,” as he wrote in his book instruction in music composition, written in 1945 in the United States of America. Two years ago between the two movements of the Sonata for alto saxophone and piano, setting verses of the same symptoms, by determining its position:

Old is not good, for the simple reason of belonging to the past/

The new is nothing more than excellent because we marched with he/

And no one ever felt more happiness/

Of the one in the position of understanding/

It’s up to you to click the wheel, the noise and hustle/

Find and maintain a new/

What is the permanent sound, meaning, structure.

There is a dearth of literature on Hindemith, precisely because of this repression that were – and still are – a victim of the avant-garde musical life in general. No one even touch his work. The other two books mitigation of other aspects of your postura. One of them, 2009, is the Italian musician Marco Moraighi. He suggests that his artistic career of the composer works with the soil in the same rails of writers, painters, sculptors, and musicians, “maybe in a specific function of the inclusiveness of humanity. And it cites the short but essential book Ian Kemp, 1970 another that beckons to be “the work of Hindemith can’t be compared to any musical production knowledge, but has affinities surprising with the work of the French painter Georges Braque”.


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