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With a budget deficit of about R $ 300 million, São Paulo State University (Unesp) studies to close the undergraduate programs with low demand and extinguish the vestibular middle of the year, in June to make better use of financial resources. This Wednesday, 3, the president unveiled a plan with a series of actions to reduce expenses in academic and administrative areas, to counter what he calls the “economic crisis.”

In addition to the reforms proposed resources of the proposed actions with the state government to consider the financial failure and the search for new forms of revenue, for example, with the stimulus on the provision of services and partnerships with the private sector. “Changing the academic not to the financial economy. For this we proposed administrative changes. Changes in graduate courses to avoid the waste of public money,” said university president Sandro Roberto Valentini. All of the proposals that will be discussed in the committee and then must be approved by the University Council. Dean predicts that the process can take up to two years.

The document details that Unesp offers in some cases the same courses in different universities. Therefore, it would be necessary to “assess the appropriateness of the formulation of the degree with low demand and high evasion”. The vast majority of hypocrisy is in the score – area in the organization that stand between the University of São Paulo, with a width of 48 options, compared with 26 in the USP and 21 in Campinas.

The document describes that the average rate of evasion of Unesp is 6.9%, but in some degree, especially a bachelor, and can reach up to 41.1 per cent as is the case in physics, Presidente Prudente, requires Barbara Santana, 19 years old. It says it in the first year in which occurs the greatest abandonment. “My class started with 28 students and now we’re between the 12 and 14”, she said. Degree in physics is offered in six branches.

Valentini has ensured that there will be no reduction in the total number of places offered by Unesp. If there is a click review the space another degree would be the extension of the offer.

Another suggestion is that students will be able to participate in the courses of areas of knowledge, providing training in more than rehabilitation. For example: be a student in the exact sciences, and that graduate studies in chemistry, physics or mathematics. The project proposal also to enhance the provision of courses shared by more than one session – on the middle classes grouped together – the use of virtual technology for different classes on campus.

Another change is the possibility of abolishing or restructuring of the vestibular apparatus in the winter because of the high cost and low supply of vacant posts (about 5% 7,3 thousand offered annually).


Measures on the unions from a server of university professors who feared a deterioration of the quality of research and training. “Our concern is with the quality of the work that is done. We have a huge deficit of teachers of these classes distance aggregation classes may solve part of the problem, but how the activities of research and extension from?” , Asks John Shore, Jun., The president of the Association of the disabled (Adunesp).

The proposal of the priest also wants to reduce the number of academic departments, centres and administrative units. The latter would reduce from 37 to 12, with a reduction in operational costs.

The document also predicts that the side of the roof has an account with the employees who will be 85%. For Costa junior, the changes indicate that the institution has no interest in hiring teaching staff and servers, technical, administrative and, increasingly missing in the units you want to keep the salary crisis in recent years. “We’re without amendment of 2015. USP and Campinas gave small adjustments in these years, but we have not received anything. This causes many teachers to request the exemption, Unesp University is becoming less attractive”. The dean also announced that for the third consecutive year don’t have the resources to pay the 13th salary.

Of the three state universities, Usp, which was the largest expansion in recent years, from 13 to 24 universities in Sao Paulo. Only in the last 12 years, a 25% increase in the number of students enrolled in graduate studies, while teachers increased by only 1%. “The tension was too exaggerated and was not accompanied by resources,” said Valentini.


The deficit expected by the Unesp for this year is nearly double what it was two years ago when it was R $ 170 million. It is also the largest of those offered by USP and Campinas, suffering from the same budget crisis the three as a major source of fixed income share of 9.57% of the proceeds from the tax on circulation of goods and services (air-conditioning split), which is the state. The deans of the three institutions asking for years that the government of Sao Paulo to increase the share of fixed and also changing the payment of pensions.

Three key institutions the question of the salaries of the servers that consume years more than 90% of the resources of the state. Of R$ 1.75 billion in the Unesp has already received from the state this year until September, 91.4% spent on the salaries of faculty and staff. One third of the salary estimator is not active – currently 2.1 thousand teachers and 4.7 thousand servers retired. The two categories of consume R $ 900 million per year, but only R $ 220 million comes from voluntary contributions from employees who are in active service.

In an official note, the Ministry of Economic Development, Science, Technology and innovation reported that, as soon as the restrictions stipulated in the electoral law, will help Unesp and other institutions of Education. However, he does not explain what kind of help you want to view. He also said that universities “administrative and financial autonomy, with institutions and resource management”. / Come Rene Moreira, special for the state


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