Are Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer with again?

Are Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer with again?

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Andy Scott 2 years ago

A little more than a year after the cancellation of the wedding, it seems Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer may be back together again. Speculation commenced on 7 June 2016 after the Marine veteran shared a picture of the duo on Instagram that showed Palin wearing what looks like an engagement ring.

“On the one hand, we know that everything happens for a reason, and there are no errors or coincidence” Myers photo caption read. “On the other hand, we know that we can never abandon, knowing that with the right tools and energy, we can reverse any decree or karma. It? Let the light decide, or never used? The answer is: no.”

Signs of the former flames have rekindled romance emerged in May 2016 after Meyer began to appear in multiple photos on Palin’s Instagram.

According to people, Palin and Myers got engaged in March 2015. Them after two months just days before the party, amid reports that medal of Honor recipient may have married another woman in 2008 and may not have gotten a divorce. News sources eventually confirmed that Meier and his first wife did divorce in 2010.

Palin and Myers have one son, a Sailor, Grace was born Dec. 23, 2015.

Palin suffered her share of scrutiny over the years. In 2008, she made headlines for becoming a Teen Mom with her fiancé, Levi Johnston. The young couple’s pregnancy was announced just as Palin’s mother, the then-governor of Alaska Sarah Palin joined the Republican as a presidential candidate John McCain’s running mate. Palin and Johnston joint product in 2009 , rekindled the following year, and then faded again. A lengthy custody case over their son, Tripp, has finally settled in 2016.


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